Major City Centres

It can be a blessing to get away from the hectic city life, but it helps having peace mind knowing that services provided by towns and cities are still accessible.

100 Mile House

Roughly a 45 minute drive will get you to the closest major town, 100 Mile House. Though a smaller town, it still offers emergency services, grocery stores, restaurants, school, and recreational activities.


An hour and a half Southeast of the Ross-Land Estates is Kamloops. A blossoming city with major shopping centres, airport, Sun Peaks Ski Resort, world class mountain biking, professional sporting events, post secondary education, and entertainment.



Whether you live on the coast or it's a place of interest, the 5 hour drive makes Vancouver a feasible distance even for the Weekend Warrior.


A short 15 minute drive west on the Fishing Highway and you will find the Interlakes Market Grocery Store, Liquor Store, Gas Station, Rona, Pub, Gym, Refuse Site, Mechanic and Utillity Shop for convenient access to necessary amenities.  

Bridge Lake Store

Don't feel like leaving your new home on Bridge Lake? You can always head over to the Bridge Lake Store for your basic necessities including Gas and Diesel - just a 10 minute drive from the Ross-Land Estates!

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